Attorney Scott E. Gurney

Legal Counsel from Bankruptcy to OUI

If you are in a legal bind, you need to find a lawyer you can trust quickly. In Kennebec County, Maine, there is one place you can go that has years of experience and is dedicated to helping you. Ferris, Gurney, Grant & Crook are all attorneys that have been working for over 20 years to get the experience to help you today. Whether you are looking at bankruptcy or have a OUI, we are prepared to help you in every way possible. We do not just glance over a case, we fully investigate the problem to see how we can fix it quickly and in your favor. For more information on our legal services, contact Ferris, Gurney, Grant & Crook, P.A. at (207) 877-7781.

Experience with Cases in Waterville, ME

Scott E. Gurney is an experienced and trusted attorney at Ferris, Gurney, Grant & Crook, P.A. Attorney Gurney is a Waterville, ME, native. He is admitted to both the Maine State Bar and the United States Bar. With all of his experience, he will be able to assist you with a multitude of legal matters and give you the best advice for the course of action you will need to take. In 2008, attorney Gurney joined the firm, and he later became a partner of Ferris, Gurney, Grant & Crook, P.A. in 2010. Not only do we have attorney Gurney, but we also have three other professional attorneys. We are all here to look thoroughly at your case and represent you.

Professional Degree in Law in Waterville, ME

Attorney Gurney still lives in the area with his wife and their two dogs. He has an outstanding legal education where he graduated from University of Maine at Orono with a bachelor’s degree in United States History. He later graduated from Franklin Pierce Law School (now the University of New Hampshire Law School). He specialized in criminal law, family law, and personal injury law. Attorney Gurney will be able to help you with any problem you are having. For more information on how Ferris, Gurney, Grant & Crook will assist you in the legal world, call today.